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KIVA Shelf is a fully customizable shelving system featuring easy tool-free assembly and integrated lighting options. Now available for pre-orders.
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KIVA shelving system will be launched in 2018. Now available for pre-orders!

Contact us at and we’re happy to tell you more.

KIVA Shelving System

KIVA shelving system

KIVA is a shelving system that adjusts to your needs. It stores your favorite books, lights up your most treasured belongings and even charges your phone if needed. KIVA is beautiful design, innovative features, easy assembly and unmatched convenience.


Your measurements

Every space is different so why should your shelf be standard. With the help of our online tool you will be able to design your own shelf within minutes to ensure a perfect fit. The tool will be launched in 2019.


Easy assembly

We designed KIVA shelving system to be assembled without any tools. Large or small units can quickly be put together by a single person.


No cables

Yes, there are no cables and you can freely move around the lights as you please. The secret is in the side panels that conduct electricity.


How can I buy KIVA shelving system?

At the moment you can pre-order KIVA shelf by contacting us at

Once we’ll launch our online tool you can get the shelf with these four easy steps.



Say no to misfits in your home!

Design your dream shelf with

the help of our intuitive online tool.



We won’t keep you in suspense

for very long. Your shelf is

dispatched in 3-4 working days

to any destination in Europe.


Unpack & Assemble

Assembly doesn’t

get simpler than this!

No tools, no screws, no hassle.



Organize, display, light up,

charge, work.

Enjoy your KIVA shelf!

Our story

We’re passionate about furniture, you could even say we are furniture geeks. Over the years we’ve created many amazing designs, worked with some of the most respected brands and learned a ton of things. We’ve always believed in doing things only if you can do them better. KIVA is a project that in our view really needed to result in a big improvement.

KIVA shelf


Together with our suppliers, we strive to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact. We only use wood-based materials certified by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) or Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®). These products use timber from verified well managed forests, which ensures a renewable and sustainable resource.


All of our products are made with extra low formaldehyde emission MDF panels that excede the requirements of the California CARB II standard. Read more at


We also use environmentally friendly water-based UV-cured lacquers that meet the VOC requirements for low emission compounds.